Bongoo_jak to działa_klient__orig.png is the only and the largest marketplace connecting service providers from the event and event organization industry with their clients. Within a few months of operation, over 500 service providers, such as hostesses, music bands, photographers and others offer their services on the platform. 

The platform is in constant development, offering new functionalities and tools for service providers and their clients.

Customers can not only make an appointment with the service provider via the portal, but also issue opinions, send private messages as well as receive offers.

Above all, service providers can present their offer on the Internet on the largest portal, acquire new customers, manage their meetings, exchange information with customers, view and respond to their opinions and send offers to customers.

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Based on business needs, we recommended using .NET Core and React technologies. The infrastructure was based on the reliable Azure cloud environment, so the platform can be flexibly expanded and adapted to a large number of visitors. 

The first version of the platform was launched just under 3 months after the start of development. Subsequently, further functionalities necessary for agents as well as customers were implemented systematically on a cyclical basis. 

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  • Designing the platform architecture
  • Selection of appropriate technologies
  • Express implementation of the first version of the platform in 3 months from the start of development
  • Support during implementation
  • Post-implementation support both in terms of SLA and DevOps
  • Development of the platform through development of new functionalities and integration with external systems
  • Advice on the selection of appropriate tools and integration with external systems